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About MAIW

Founded in 1963 under the presidency of Mrs. Mildred Jones, the Association of Insurance Women of Montreal (AFAM) is governed by a board of directors composed of the officers, the ex-officio president and the director of the Canadian Association Insurance Women (ACFA).

Until 1973, AFAM was in a period of structuring, notably with the formation of the Canadian Association of Insurance Women.


What's new ?


MAIW members have invested in helping the community through several concrete actions.

2023 CAIW Convention

This year, Quebec is organizing the national congress of the CAIW. Join us for this event!

Milred Jones Award

This year, the Milred Jones Award was awarded to Ms. Marie-Christine Pépin. Congratulations !


MAIW goals are:

  • to encourage, promote and coordinate practical and educational programs with a view to increasing the insurance knowledge of its members;
  • encourage loyalty and maintain friendly and professional relations among its members;
  • make its members aware of the needs and requirements of their colleagues.

make its members aware of the needs and requirements of their colleagues.

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The Canadian Association of Insurance Women

The Canadian Association of Insurance Women (CAIW) was founded in 1966. MAIW is one of its founding associations which include Halifax, Hamilton, Ottawa, Saint John, Toronto, Windsor and Winnipeg.
In general, CAIW oversees the various member associations across the country. Amongst the CAIW goals, we can find: education, mutual aid and personal growth.

Each year, MAIW sends a delegation of its members to CAIW’s convention and annual general meeting. The delegates are our association’s voice to ensure it is well represented during the various national convention activities.

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