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Melanie Mercier in action deliverying the Christmas baskets !


We would love to be able to say this year that we do not need you, however it is not getting better. As you know, the Montreal Association of Insurance Women (MAIW) as a long tradition of generosity! For many years now, when the holidays are upon us, we have various initiatives such as fundraising, a toy drive and others to brighten up the holidays of children, families and women in need.

While the pandemic is behind us (at least I hope so!), adverse effects as well as a precarious economic environment, have created even harder living conditions for many members of society. Among others, the lack of affordable housing as well as the high cost of food, have forced all of us to change some of our habits. If you are reading these lines, chances are that you are not part of the people who can’t make ends meet or whose situation is precarious.

We are happy to continue our tradition of collecting donations during our President’s cocktail, which this year will take place on December 6, in the offices of Bélanger Sauvé. However, we will still continue with the ‘new’ tradition of receiving your donations through transfers and other means.

Last year, your response was extraordinary and we collected in money, toys and other goods, more than $7,200. Once again thank you to all our generous donors.

This year MAIW’s Christmas Campaign will combine 3 initiatives:

CERF – Centre d’Entraide et de Ralliement Familial – MAIW has partnered with the CERF for many years. The CERF gives more than 150 Christmas baskets, which are comprised of food and toys for the children, to families in need. Once again, this year we will use the moneys collected to buy grocery store gift cards to complement the baskets. All your donations of $50 or more will provide you with an official tax receipt!

Sun Youth – MAIW has a long tradition of toy collection for Sun Youth and we will be ready to receive your donated toys at our President’s cocktail or we can pick them up if it is more convenient for you.

Le Chaînon A new initiative which was started last year, is where we fill up handbags with hygiene and beauty products, as well as treats. These bags are handed out to women who go to Le Chaînon. Last year we gave them 12 beautiful bags filled to the brim. This year we would like to thank the ALDO Group who donated 15 handbags! Now we have to fill them, so if you have some articles for our bags, we will be happy to receive them and naturally the money donations will help us also!

Michele Malo and Melanie Mercier preparing the Christmas baskets
Michèle Malo, Marie-Claude De GrandPré and Caroline Tremblay

We commit ourselves to highlight all individual donors (with their permission) and corporate donors in our social media and to publish the logos of the larger donors in our Bulletin or in an Infolettre.

If you would like to participate, there are many ways to do it.. You will find attached a form explaining how you can make a donation.
Naturally, any donation, whatever the amount will be appreciated and, if it would be possible for you to send us your donation before December 6, it would be greatly appreciated as it would help in our planning. If you would like to know more, to get involved or for any questions, don’t hesitate to communicate with a member of our Committee.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity!


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